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Chapter 229 Offline gathering, Shenxing Continent

One year later.

 In the Dark God Realm, the incarnation of death standing next to the throne suddenly opened his eyes, then waved his hand gently, opened the teleportation door according to the coordinates, and walked straight into it.

 An inconspicuous demiplane in the void.

 On the distant plains of thousands of miles away, a spectacular scene is taking place.

On the vast expanse of land, herbivorous ferocious beasts are swarming in groups. They are galloping and roaring, as if they want to trample the entire world under their feet.

These herbivorous beasts are huge and muscular, and every step is full of strength. Their eyes flash with wild light, as if they are looking for prey and competing for territory.

Their hooves stepped heavily on the ground, making a deafening sound, like the heartbeat of the earth. As they ran, dust was kicked up and filled the entire plain. The dust was like smoke, dancing in the air, dyeing the sky into a hazy color.

On a raised boulder platform, three people sat in a circle and raised a bonfire, with the flesh and blood of several rare and ferocious beasts placed on it.

"Mr. No. 2, are we here early? Why haven't they come here after so long..." Cole looked at the bonfire in front of him. The excitement he had previously aroused from traveling far into the void had now dissipated a lot.


 Zhang Tao was speechless, and smiled, "Mistake, mistake, it's because you are far away, so I have to pick you up in advance. Wait, it should be soon. They have responded before and will not let me go..."

With Cole's assistance, Zhang Tao obtained the coordinates of Cole's plane through some special means, and then took him over.

“Why are you so anxious? The time has not come yet, and it’s normal to come later. Not everyone is as free as you two.” Member No. 1 Tian Mo smiled and said.

“Mr. No. 1, you are still talking about us. You came here in advance.” Cole said with a chuckle.

"Haha, because I am also very free, and there is nothing else to do except sleep every day." Tian Mo laughed immediately after hearing this.

While chatting, suddenly, Zhang Tao frowned slightly, as if he felt something, and chuckled: "Here, let's show them the direction." After that, he waved his hand, and a silver beam of light shot up into the sky, causing wonderful space fluctuations. Spread far away.

About a thousand miles away, high in the sky, a teleportation gate appeared out of thin air, and then a gray figure walked out of it, wearing a battle armor and a mask on his face. His whole body was filled with an ominous aura that disgusted all living things.

 It is the incarnation of death of Su Xingyu.

With His appearance, the surrounding air seemed to become thicker, and the terrifying aura of death spread and eroded around.

There happens to be a herd of ferocious beasts below, with hundreds of them in total. Their strength ranges from the extraordinary mid-level to the legendary realm.


The breath of death overflowed, and the lush vegetation fell in pieces. It seemed that it sensed danger. The beast roared in terror and fled in all directions. But before it could take a few steps, its legs and feet weakened and fell directly to the ground.

Rumble —

There was lightning and thunder in the sky.

The will of the world instinctively locked onto the "evil god" that "invaded" and began to accumulate strength, preparing to drive it away.


Su Xingyu came back to his senses and immediately calmed down his aura. The thunder in the sky paused for a while and then quickly dissipated.

Su Xingyu felt it and turned to look to the north. There were special fluctuations there, and someone was sending him a message.

 He stretched out his hand to tear open the rift in space, and just as he was about to walk in, his movements suddenly stopped, with a strange expression on his face. He looked to the south and murmured to himself: "It can't be such a coincidence, can it?"

Only a few kilometers away, a teleportation disciple suddenly appeared, and then a blue figure walked out of it. When it appeared, the temperature of the surrounding environment dropped a lot.

 After he walked out, he immediately spotted Su Xingyu not far away. He hesitated for a moment and then flew over.

"Are you No. 5?" Leah glanced at the gray figure in front of her, her voice was a little hoarse, and she asked uncertainly.

"Yeah." Feeling the powerful aura from the ice blue figure opposite, Su Xingyu was secretly surprised, and then nodded.

 “Together?” After a moment of silence, Su Xingyu invited.

 “Okay.” Leah nodded.

Then two figures walked side by side, more than ten meters apart, tearing open the cracks in the space and passing through them.

 The distance of a thousand miles is very close for a demigod, not to mention that the two of them are not ordinary demigods.

 After a while, they arrived at the place where Zhang Tao and the others stayed.

On the huge stone platform, five people gathered offline for the first time.

The characteristics of everyone are very obvious, and their identities can be identified at a glance, so they just briefly introduced themselves and went directly to the topic.

"Why is this kid here too?" Su Xingyu glanced at Cole and asked with some confusion.

At this time, Cole has not yet broken through to Demigod, and is still in the ninth level of the Holy Realm.

 The ninth-level Holy Domain is no longer weak, and it is enough to be called a strong force in any plane. What's more, Cole has reached the ninth level limit and is about to break through to demigod.

 But weakness and strength are relative.

 For the few players present, let alone the ninth level limit, even ordinary demigods are not considered powerful.

"Bring me here to gain some experience. Don't worry, I'm watching over you. There won't be any danger." Before Cole could speak, Zhang Tao helped explain.

Hearing this, Su Xingyu frowned slightly, but didn't say much.

"Okay, stop talking about this, everyone is here, let's get down to business first." Tian Mo waved his hand and urged.


When Zhang Tao saw this, he smiled and said to everyone: "Everyone, follow me." As he said that, two silver rays shot out from his eyes, and a silver vortex suddenly appeared in front of him.

 “Don’t resist.”

Zhang Tao reminded as he walked into the whirlpool.

 Everyone nodded, followed closely, and walked in.

As soon as Fang entered, Su Xingyu felt a force dragging him.

This force is very strong, but you can still break free, but with Zhang Tao's reminder, everyone did not resist and allowed this force to drag them forward.

 After flying for about half an hour, everyone finally arrived at a mysterious space after a period of spinning.

 Continental-level islands are suspended, pulled by a mysterious force, and move along a strange trajectory. It is difficult to imagine what kind of majestic power it takes to achieve this.

 “Is this!?” Cole opened his mouth wide and looked at the scene in front of him in shock. "What a terrifying power! Even the True God cannot have such power." Tian Mo was also surprised. Even if this is the void without any suppression, and the True God can unleash all its power, it is impossible to achieve this level. .

  A true **** should be able to destroy a continent, but treating so many continents like toys is probably a bit unrealistic.

 “That’s interesting.” Su Xingyu’s face was slightly surprised.

 “Awesome.” Leah whispered to herself, her eyes flashing slightly.

 After a while, everyone came back to their senses and looked at Zhang Tao.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Tao also spoke at the right time, "Everyone, this is a special place. Please keep it a secret for me and don't let it out."

"rest assured."

 The four of them nodded. No matter what they thought in their hearts, at least they all agreed on the surface.

 In fact, there is nothing they can do except agree.

This is obviously not an ordinary void environment. They can't even identify the coordinates of the void. They were able to come here only because of Zhang Tao's intervention.

They don’t know Zhang Tao’s identity or the location coordinates here. Even if they want to leak the secret, what can they leak?

"Thank you." Zhang Tao naturally understood the reason. If he was not absolutely sure, he would not dare to invite outsiders to help, but he still said thank you.

 Seeing that everyone had seen it, Zhang Tao did not hesitate and quickly entered the theme of the operation. He flew forward while introducing the situation inside to everyone.

“The continent in front is the target of our operation. I call it the Sinking Star Continent. It is a very strange continent. The laws are very suppressive. Even the true gods will be affected to a certain extent..."

“Not only that, there are also many monsters and ferocious beasts inside. For some reason, they have lost their minds and are very repellent to outside creatures.”

“These monsters are powerful enough to rival true gods, while weak ones have high-level strength. Once they find out who we are, they will immediately launch a siege until we die or leave…”

“…This is the map I recorded during my previous explorations. Take a look at it. Also, this is a sound transmitting bracelet. If you accidentally get separated when you go in, we will use this to communicate…”


 Shenxing Continent.

At the edge of the continent, on the endless desert plain, the sky is filled with yellow sand and the wind is howling, as if the anger of the earth is burning, and it seems like the wind and frost of the years are raging.

Yellow sand is flying in the wind, like golden waves, surging wave after wave. They interweave and collide in the air, making a rustling sound, like the movement of nature, low and powerful.

In this endless sea of ​​sand, everything seems so small and fragile, as if it will be swallowed up at any time.

In this wasteland, life seems so rare and precious, with almost no green vegetation visible. Occasionally, there are a few tenacious plants struggling to survive in the sand. Their roots penetrate deeply into the ground, absorbing the scarce nutrients.

Several streams of light fell from the sky, as dazzling as meteors, and there was a scream during them.

"Ahhh! Help, I'm about to fall!" Cole, who was weak and had never experienced such a terrifying suppression, failed to adapt to the situation when he entered Chenxing Continent and lost the ability to fly. It can only fall freely.

Seeing that it was about to fall to the ground, Zhang Tao had a smile on his face and waved his hand, Cole was immediately caught by him, "Don't yell, you will have to suffer when those monsters are attracted to you later!"

A few people landed smoothly and looked at the surrounding environment. Their expressions were a little solemn, and they obviously felt a little troubled.

 The laws of this continent are too repressive.

Cole felt his own situation, and his face suddenly darkened: "The suppression power of Shenxing Continent is a bit outrageous! I am a ninth-level limiter, and I am actually suppressed to the point where I can hardly fly."

“Ninth level is nothing, my brothers and demigods have been suppressed.” Tian Mo shook his head, energy surged out of his body, he felt the changes carefully, patted Cole on the shoulder, and said with a smile.

  Bang bang—

 Cole's body instantly became a little shorter, and his feet sank into the soil. "Take it easy, please, you are too strong."

"This is not a place for strong people to travel alone, at least those below True God level. It is very difficult to open Wushuang here, but it is quite suitable for corps fighting. It would be much more convenient if there were several high-level corps." Su Xingyu commented with a hoarse voice.

 World suppression is all-round and proportional suppression.

 Theoretically speaking, as long as the strength is still within the suppression range, the stronger the strength, the stronger the suppression it will be.

 For example, 10%, 100 is compressed into 10, 20 is compressed into 2, and the actual difference changes from 80 to 8.

 Under such an environment, it is actually a disguised increase for the legion.

The seventh-level legion was originally barely able to surround and kill demigods. In this environment, as long as they are willing to pay the price, they can easily surround and kill demigods.

"A few high-level legions, to put it lightly, how can there be so many high-level legions." Hearing Su Xingyu's words, Liya chuckled. Those are high-level legions. Even among all the players, there are not many high-level legions. Come.

 “That’s true.”

Su Xingyu did not refute, but nodded in agreement.

 High-level legions are not so easy to create. Even his followers only have less than ten branches.

 Besides, using the legion to surround and kill the strong is actually not a good choice.

“Let’s go, this is the edge area, and it’s quite far away from the destination. Things may change later, so we’d better act quickly.” Zhang Tao greeted.

Everyone nodded and immediately flew over as if they were about to take off.

Seeing this, Su Xingyu frowned, "It's so far away, you just fly over like this?"

According to what Zhang Tao said, the destination here is at least tens of thousands of kilometers away from the center of the continent. With such a strong suppression force, it is impossible to open the space rift and travel through it. It would consume a lot of money just to fly there.

“No way.” Zhang Tao touched the back of his head and smiled awkwardly.

"Let me do it."

Su Xingyu sighed secretly, and with a wave of his hand, a dark portal hundreds of meters high appeared in front of him, and then with a roar, a huge bone dragon hundreds of meters long flew out from it.

 “This is a demigod!?” Feeling the breath coming from the bone dragon, Cole's eyes twitched and he said in horror.

“Well, come on, take this one and get there faster.”

Su Xingyu nodded and jumped on top of the dragon's head first. The others followed closely, flying up and jumping on top as well.

 “This…” Tian Mo looked at the bone dragon at his feet, his eyes flickering slightly, but he hesitated to speak.

 “What’s the problem?” Su Xingyu turned to look at him with confusion on his face.

“It’s okay, I just think your mount is quite powerful.” Tian Mo shook his head quickly.


 (End of this chapter)

Read All Gods: Lords Conquest 229 MTL English: Offline gathering, Chenxing Continent (2024)
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