Naruto: My Wife is Tsunade Chapter 113 - Chapter 113 (2024)

Haruki felt a little itchy on his face.

Opening his eyes, he saw Tsunade propping up her upper body with her left arm, pinching a tuft of hair with her right hand, and drawing it across her face.

"Wake up so early today?"

"Hmph, after all, no one was making noise last night and disturbed my sleep."

Tsunade curled her lips and couldn't help but pout. It was not because she wanted to get up at noon every day.

Haruki looked at her cute expression, smiled, turned his left face slightly, and said, "Should I have a good morning...huh?"

Tsunade leaned in front of him and pecked his cheek.



Haruki's head twisted to the other side, "What else?"


Tsunade pouted and pinched his right cheek, "It's time to get up and wash."

Without waiting for Haruki to answer, she seemed to have discovered something a new.

Touching his chin and adam's apple with her hand.

This woman is simply playing with fire.

She's really not afraid of being rectified on the spot.

Haruki grabbed her little hand and said, "If you continue like this, you will have to get up at noon."

Tsunade's head shrank, remembering the tragic past, and quickly got up and fled.

Haruki looked at her back and suddenly smiled triumphantly.

He came to the bathroom, Tsunade had already helped him squeeze the toothpaste, and the glass was filled with water.

"I'll change clothes first."

After Tsunade finished brushing her teeth, she tiptoed and kiss the side of his face, which was a bit cold.

Haruki left the room a little later than her.

He saw Tsunade in front of the dressing table, and without interrupting, he went to the kitchen instead.

Opening the refrigerator, thinking what to eat for breakfast, and cooked two bowls of egg noodles.

In his previous life, he liked to eat noodles in the morning.

Because it is more convenient.

"It smells good!"

Tsunade sniffed, a delicate fragrance of eggs and green onion.

Simple and delicious.

And made by someone you love.

It is simply most delicious in the world.

"Are you so hungry?"

Halfway through the meal, Haruki looked up and found that she was already licking the bottom of the bowl clean.

You didn't need to wash dishes.

"Do you want to eat more?"

Haruki asked, picking up a chopsticks noodles.


Tsunade glanced at him, moved close to his seat, and opened her mouth to bite.

"Okay, I'm full."

She was chewing the noodles and seemed to feel the sweetness.

Haruki smiled slightly and finished the noodles she had bitten off.

"I'm going to wash the dishes, you go and change your pajamas."

Tsunade quickly grabbed his bowls and chopsticks, brushed it and ran to the kitchen.

Haruki returned to the room and changed into casual clothes.

Taking advantage of time, he looked at the honeymoon road map drawn by Tsunade yesterday.

It is estimated that it will take several months to really play around with it.

Haruki thought a little bit, since his wife is going to play, of course he should spoil her and can't be disappointed.

"What are you looking?"

Tsunade grabbed his arm, drilled her head, and put it on his shoulder.

She immediately noticed that Haruki was looking at the honeymoon map, she remembered the absurd thing in the study last night, and quickly put away the map.

"It will take a while to go out to travel."

Haruki pressed her head and explained, "I still have some arrangements for the Natsu organization."

"Well, I know, don't worry."

Tsunade hugged him and enjoyed a moment of warmth, "I should go to ninja school."

"Let's go"

Haruki picked her up and walked toward the door until she let go on the street.

He didn't go to school. After watching Tsunade disappear, he turned and went to the Heavenly fire research group.

At the Heavenly Fire Research Group.

Although Muramasa Ichiro had successfully developed Heavenly Fire, the initial intended users were the Hyuga clan, so he didn't consider ordinary people.

Without chakra augmentation, the normal range of Heavenly Fire was not far.

The research group had been trying to solve this issue for the past two weeks.

However, Haruki came today for a different project.

As early as when he was negotiating with the daimyo, he mentioned that the new army would have new types of equipment in addition to Heavenly Fire.

He called it the puppet exoskeleton.

The idea came from Sasori of the Red Sand.

Of course, leaving aside the crazy operation of turning oneself into a puppet, Sasori initially appeared hidden inside the puppet Hiruko.

It perfectly compensated for the puppet master's shortcomings in close combat.

This reminded Haruki of mechanical exoskeletons from his previous life.

There was a resemblance.

Creating a mechanical exoskeleton with current technology was too difficult.

But what if they combined it with puppetry and tailored a puppet exoskeleton for ordinary humans?

Heavenly Fire could serve as an attack method, and the puppet exoskeleton as a defense method. Combined, they might be no less effective than average ninjas.

The idea was beautiful, but there were many problems.

Puppet masters drove their puppets using chakra.

But ordinary civilians had no chakra.

The only solution was to give the puppets their own power source.

Like Sasori's regenerative core in his puppet body.

Haruki's temporary idea was to use electricity.

Electricity was easy to generate and cheap.

If they relied on chakra, unless they had a tailed beast, relying on ninjas would be counterproductive.

Haruki called Muramasa Ichiro and told him his idea.

It took a while for Muramasa to react.

He smiled wryly and said, "Haruki-sama, this is really difficult. If we had a design, we could copy the puppet exoskeleton, but I've never heard of miniaturized battery technology."

"That's why I need you to research it."

Haruki gave him an encouraging look.

There were batteries in the ninja world, but they were too large for exoskeleton use.

He then thought of Sasori. If only that guy were older and could be used by him, it would be great.

Haruki didn't want to make it too difficult for Muramasa Ichiro, so he added, "If it doesn't work, use chakra instead."

He could always catch a tailed beast and split it into several parts.

Or, it didn't have to be a tailed beast; as long as it had chakra comparable to a tailed beast, it would work.

Muramasa understood Haruki's meaning.

With the relaxed conditions, he could only do his best.

He remembered something and said, "Haruki-sama, have you heard of Takumi Village?"


Haruki nodded. Takumi Village was good at making and using ninja tools and was the largest supplier of ninja tools.

He was quite envious.

In the war-torn ninja world, selling ninja tools was undoubtedly the most profitable business.

There was also a storyline about them in the original work.

The Four Celestial Symbols Men of Takumi Village tried to resurrect their ancestor Seimei by capturing Gaara, but ultimately failed and were destroyed.

"If we can get their help, it might speed up the development of the puppet exoskeleton."

"Is that so?"

Haruki fell into thought. Muramasa had given him a good hint.

The ninja tool level of Takumi Village was very high, and they were relatively weak themselves, making them a good target.

"I will handle this matter, but in the meantime, I'll still need your help."

Haruki raised his head and patted his shoulder.

He was just about to go out and see the specific situation.

Besides, Sky Ninja was also one of his targets.

If he had Sky Ninja's technology, combined with the puppet exoskeleton, a special unit could be formed.

An air unit.

In the original work, there were very few ninjas who could fly.

Afterward, Haruki left the research institute and went to the train station.

Under the efforts of Hyuga Hiashi, a rather simple train station had risen not far from Akihabara.

The tracks were laid underground, connecting to Sunagakure.

But it wasn't open yet.

The problem was stuck with Hiruzen Sarutobi.

He didn't trust Sunagakure, thinking they might use the train to reach Konoha.

Haruki had already instructed Hiashi to handle it. If Sarutobi didn't trust the Sand Ninjas, then replace all the staff with Konoha's ninjas or civilians.

He sat on the steps in the waiting hall.

The simple building, with only walls, reminded him of the old train stations from his childhood in his previous life.

There was a sense of desolation.

But he was sure that as the economic exchanges between Sunagakure and Konoha became more frequent, the train station would become lively.


Uchiha Mikoto's voice suddenly sounded.

Haruki raised an eyebrow, noticing Mikoto and Fugaku in front of him.

Fugaku seemed to have a complicated expression.

Yesterday, he had listened to Haruki's lecture in genjutsu for at least twelve years.

Due to Mikoto's Mangekyo Sharingan and her unique Izafunoyasaki, the illusion felt real and unreal.

Over time, Fugaku doubted his reality.

If he hadn't returned to reality in the end, he might have thought he was trapped forever, listening to lectures and doing endless practice exams!

Fugaku was driven crazy.

Besides, he had to write thousands of words of reflections.

To hell with it!

He wanted to shout that he was the master of his own fate!

But Fugaku found that if he didn't complete the tasks, he would fall into a time loop.

With no choice, he was manipulated.

Reading, reading, reading. Apart from reading, there was nothing else.

He felt like a librarian.

Well-read and educated.

When he finally completed all the tasks to perfection, Haruki, with his eternally warm smile, told him, "Congratulations, you've graduated."

Fugaku was moved to tears, feeling reborn.

Now, seeing Haruki, his conditioned response made him immediately stand at attention and seriously greet him.

"Hello, Teacher!"


Haruki was momentarily confused, feeling like he was back in his high school days.

Your stance is a bit too perfect, isn't it?

Looking at Fugaku's resentful yet self-hating expression, Haruki couldn't help but wonder what exactly he had experienced.

How did he become like Mikoto, no, like a high school student?

"Fugaku is now my boyfriend, so calling you Teacher is appropriate."

Mikoto noticed Haruki's confusion and explained.

She knew the reason for Fugaku's behavior.

Most likely, he hadn't fully emerged from the genjutsu.

Perhaps influenced by the Mangekyo Sharingan, her inner kindness had been tempered.

If it were before, she wouldn't have used such methods.

But whenever Mikoto thought of the genjutsu Haruki had set for her, she felt a sense of urgency.

Because the illusion was too real.

It felt like another trajectory of her life.

But no other illusion had ever given her the same feeling.

Hearing Mikoto's words, Haruki was taken aback. It seemed a lot had happened after he left yesterday.

Since Mikoto acknowledged Fugaku, it showed that the learning effect in the illusion was good.

Haruki was happy to see a new member join.

"Naturally, you have the right."

After a pause, Haruki smiled and said, "And with the two most outstanding young talents of the Uchiha clan calling me Teacher, it proves I'm doing a good job as a teacher."

He suddenly wondered if his students became famous in the future, would he get a title like Kakashi?

But he was a Konoha mentor, not a Konoha technician.

"It's our honor."

Mikoto shook her head, rarely rebutting him, "Without you, Teacher, I can't imagine what my future would be like."

"Alright, did you come today just to praise me?"

Haruki felt she was acting a bit strange. Usually, she was reserved and wouldn't say such things.

Mikoto bowed slightly and said, "Fugaku and I discussed all night and reached a consensus on how to change the current situation of the Uchiha clan. But I want to hear your advice, Teacher."

"I see."

Haruki understood her thoughts and actions.

The Mangekyo Sharingan gave her incredible power.

Although Mikoto wasn't like Uchiha Sasuke, thinking 'the sky is clear, the rain has stopped, I can do it again,' she undoubtedly gained great confidence.

And regarding the advice, Haruki had actually already mentioned it to her: integrate with the people, or in other words, blend into Konoha. He had also made some attempts. Uchiha Obito's cross-dressing and Chika dance, along with widely promoting his deeds, aimed to change the villagers' inherent perceptions of the Uchiha. Although it couldn't be accepted immediately, there were positive effects.

Haruki organized his thoughts and said, "There are two reasons causing the current embarrassing situation of the Uchiha clan: one is the arrogance of some clan members, and the other is the poor performance of the Konoha Police Force."

After saying that, he couldn't help but shake his head. It was supposed to be the Konoha Police Force, but it had turned into Konoha's city management team.

"Character is difficult to change in the short term, but we can start with the Konoha Police Force."

Haruki looked at the two who were listening attentively. From their expressions, they agreed with his analysis. He continued, "Two policies: first, divide the duties of the Konoha Police Force into two. One part should operate like the Anbu, specifically handling matters related to ninjas, and the other part should consist of clan members with good temperaments to manage the small, trivial matters in the village.

Second, recruit civilian ninjas into the Konoha Police Force. Don't cling to the Uchiha clan's name."

The Second Hokage, Senju Tobirama, letting the Uchiha clan control the Konoha Police Force was indeed a clever move. It not only gave the founding clan enough respect on the surface but also isolated the Uchiha clan without bloodshed. He understood their character well; unless they let go of their arrogance, this department would be poison for them.

If the Uchiha had been willing to lower their status from the beginning, it might have forced Senju Tobirama and the higher-ups of Konoha into a corner. But unfortunately, no one had such foresight. The Uchiha clearly didn't understand that conquering and ruling a country were different things. Their wisdom was limited, typical of people with strong bodies and simple minds.

But Mikoto was different. She had been learning from Haruki and was a secretary, exposed to the core ideas of the Natsu Organization. When she heard Haruki's suggestions, her face showed a moving expression.

They were indeed hitting the mark. If implemented smoothly, she believed the reputation of the Uchiha could greatly improve.

"But the elders won't agree," said Fugaku, sighing as he broke Mikoto's contemplation. After being educated in the illusion, he had initially developed the ability to see problems. He also knew that Haruki's answer was correct, but the elders would never agree.

Haruki wasn't surprised. Most large clans were like this, just like the Hyuga before. Should Mikoto take care of the elders too?

While Haruki was hesitating, Mikoto, with a very firm tone, said, "Sensei's strategy must be implemented."

"Mikoto, are you really sure?" Fugaku looked at Mikoto and couldn't help but ask, remembering their conversation last night.

"Yes," Mikoto nodded, "Sensei's answer perfectly complements our strategy. Given this, we shouldn't be lenient."

"You want to kill the elders?" Haruki looked at the two of them in surprise and guessed.

Unexpectedly, Mikoto was the most like him among his three disciples. No, he suspected that the Mangekyou Sharingan had influenced this. The intense emotional stimulus during its awakening had caused a change in Mikoto's personality.

"Sensei, do you remember the night of the clan's destruction?" Mikoto nodded slightly, her thoughts were just as Haruki had guessed, but went even further.

"I want to imitate my child, using the Mangekyou Sharingan to reform the radicals in the Uchiha clan and make the pacifist members witness it. Perhaps it will even awaken some good Sharingans."

Fugaku was clearly puzzled. He had heard Mikoto mention using the Mangekyou Sharingan, but what was the night of the clan's destruction? And what child?!!

Naruto: My Wife is Tsunade Chapter 113 - Chapter 113 (2024)
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