Nsu Occupational Therapy Prerequisites (2024)

1. Admissions Requirements for NSU Occupational Therapy (MOT) Program

  • All applicants must complete a minimum of 40 volunteer hours in at least two different OT practice settings. Some of these environments include hospitals, ...

  • Admissions requirements for NSU's Occupational Therapy (MOT) program.

2. Occupational Therapy Admissions | NSU

  • An earned bachelor degree from an accredited college or university. · Completion of all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better. · Be in good standing ...

  • This is information on the Occupational Therapy program prerequisites. Listed here are the items that are necessary to be considered for admission.

3. Admissions Requirements for Occupational Therapy (DrOT ...

4. Occupational Therapy Prerequisites - Academic Colleges and Departments

  • Occupational Therapy Program Prerequisite Courses* · Introductory Psychology (3 hours) · Abnormal Psychology (3 hours) · Life-Span Development (3 hours) · Sociology ...

  • Occupational Therapy Prerequisites at Northeastern State University are listed here including courses that may have prerequisites of their own.

5. Health Professions | MOT-NOVA

  • Master's in Occupational Therapy · Biology with lab (3-4 credits) · Human anatomy and Physiology with lab (4 credits) · Physics with lab or Kinesiology (3-4 ...

  • US News Ranking: #44 OT program in nation

6. [PDF] pre-occupational therapy advisem*nt worksheet 2022 northeastern state ...

  • 12 jun 2022 · Required Courses (Check Prerequisites):. BIO 2102. Bio & Med Terminology. BIO 2504. Human Anatomy and Laboratory. BIO 2604.

7. Pre-Occupational Therapy Program | Northern State University

  • While pre-occupational therapy is not a major itself, we'll match you with a degree program and the necessary coursework required to prepare you for admission ...

  • As an occupational therapist, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a variety of patients, guiding them to develop skills that will enhance their lives and help them gain independence. While pre-occupational therapy is not a major itself, we’ll match you with a degree program and the necessary coursework required to prepare you for admission into a school of occupational therapy. 

8. [PDF] Delgado Occupational Therapy Assistant AAS Articulation Core ...

  • Delgado Occupational Therapy Assistant AAS Articulation. Core Requirements. Delgado. NSU. Hours Needed. ENGL 101. ENGL 6 hours. 3. MATH 118. MATH 6hours. 3.

9. Doctor of Occupational Therapy - IDP Education

  • Entry requirements for Nova Southeastern University - Enrollment Advisory Group. Complete an undergraduate or graduate degree from a regionally accredited ...

  • Find entry requirements, course fees and intake dates for studying a Doctor of Occupational Therapy at Nova Southeastern University - Enrollment Advisory Group in United States

Nsu Occupational Therapy Prerequisites (2024)
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