infrunami, pau cubarsi - Can you come back to me? (2024)


infrunami, pau cubarsi - Can you come back to me? (1)

Can you come back to me?
'Cause I was blind to see,
that you were right in front of me!

CAN YOU COME BACK TO ME? Ever since Dani could remember, it was always Pau and her. They first (officially) met each other on a sunny day, when Daniela offered him the sandwich she had packed the night before for his sister. Although to Daniela this was only going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, destiny had other plans. What had initially started as a day of sitting together and sharing lunch because Pau's sister, Irene, had caught a cold turned into a week of both of them sitting down and sharing snacks and laughs while she watched him show off tricks with a football.

'CAUSE I WAS BLIND TO SEE. As Irene came back, Daniela expected Pau and her to part ways. For him to go back with his friends and for her to spend all of her lunch breaks with just Irene. However, Pau had grown quite fond of the girl and the time they had spent together. Even after his sister came back to school he found himself waiting outside of the girl's class just to walk her to their bench.

THAT YOU WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. On countless occasions, Daniela and Pau had spent entire nights talking about their passions. For Pau it was football and for Daniela, it was being a nurse. She was the first one to congratulate him when Pau got scouted by his dream club, FC Barcelona, in 2018. He was the first one to clap for her when she placed first on the National Science Fair for grades 6 to 12. Both 15-year-olds had stayed together through everything. No matter how hard life got they never let each other go.

(YOU WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME). That was before Pau decided to cut the girl off. He canceled all the plans they made months prior, stopped texting her, and straight up avoided her at school. Daniela didn't have the slightest idea of why he did that. Nobody could give the girl a proper response. Not Irene, who had told her that he hadn't talked to her much either. Not Pau's mom had told her mother that he was doing just fine, physically at least. And certainly not Pau. For weeks straight only one thing crossed the girl's mind. What had she done wrong?

GIRL (YOU WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME). Luckily for her, the answer was just a few scrolls down her feed. Two faces she knew oh way too well popped up on her screen kissing. The first one belonged to Miriam Palacios, the girl who spent years tearing Dani apart. Whether it was her looks, her grades, or her style, she always had something to point at and laugh at. The second one belonged to no other than Pau Cubarsi, the guy who spent the same years comforting and whispering sweet nothing to the girl with tear-stained cheeks. Once again, Miriam had found a way to f*ck Daniela up. And this time it was by getting with her best friend, Pau. f*ck them.

— DANIELA V. ZINE, dani & vico
( seventeen , spain / morroco , #pisces )
song; love it, rels b ⭐️
@danizine | @vicowico

infrunami, pau cubarsi - Can you come back to me? (2)

— PAU CUBARSI, just pau
( seventeen , spain , #aquarius )
song; manos rotas, morad 🌀
@paucubarsi | @laminesn1fan

infrunami, pau cubarsi - Can you come back to me? (3)

— NIA I. SANTOS, nini & iza
( eighteen , nigeria / brazil , #scorpio )
song; feature me, flo 🌺
@niasantos | @izantos | qlorify

— MARC GUIU, nias bf !
( eighteen , spain , #capricorn )
song; animal, eladio carrion 〽️
@marcguiu | @marcguiufans

— HECTOR FORT, h punto fort
( seventeen , spain , #leo )
song; yeezy, anuel aa 📲
@hctorforrt_ | @hectorfortmedia

— LAMINE YAMAL, el hijos mio
( sixteen , spain / morroco , #cancer)
song; dance crip, trueno 💯
@lamineyamal | @pausn1hater

others, themselves

Disclaimers. this book will contain some triggering topics that could be sensitive to read. if any of the following make you feel a certain way feel free to click off ! all chapters with such triggers will be marked at the beginning of each chapter. Anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorder, and suicidal thoughts. nothing too heavy.. ☺️

Notes. this was actually rushed asf i changed the whole thing today so i kinda don't like this but oh well! also i did not proof read this at all but if I don't publish rn I'm not going to at all. guys i actually would take a bullet for dani she is my everything I love her so much she's so bad and sexy and funny and I love her. Pau lowk an opp ngl

dedications. to the sexiest people on wp ofc 😝qlorify gavictrl AR4UJOS -FERRANLVR

infrunami,   pau cubarsi -     Can you come back to me? (2024)


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