HGTV's 'Hometown Takeover' filming in Florida. See what's happening in Sebring (2024)

The dust has settled since February's announcement that Sebring would be the site of a very popular HGTV TV show.

Actually, the dust is flying in the Central Florida community.

Sebring is the site of season three of "Home Town Takeover," hosted by Erin and Ben Napier.

Florida also was the location for the HGTV Dream HomeonAnastasia Island.

We're still waiting to hear who won the HGTV Dream HomeonAnastasia Island in Northeast Florida, which was described as "a grand coastal escape."

As we wait to hear who won the dream home, here's what is happening in Sebring.

HGTV star Ben Napier announces 'We're going to Sebring,' Florida, on Jennifer Hudson show

In February 2024, Ben Napier announced on the "The Jennifer Hudson Show"that he and his wife, Erin, “We’re going to Sebring, Florida!” She added Sebring is a "beautiful lake city."

The city will be the focus of season 3 of "Home Takeover."

What is 'Home Town Takeover' on HGTV Network?

"Home Town Takeover" is an HGTV show hosted by Ben and Erin Napier of another popular HGTV program, "Home Town."

The Napiers, along with a team of renovation pros, breathe new life into a small town, including several homes and some local businesses and historic treasures unique to that community, according to the HGTV about section for "Home Town Takeover."

"Renovating one house at a time is an awesome experience. But the chance to support an entire town, where we help bring a community back to life — that's something we’ve always wanted to try," Ben Napier said.

Social media reactions to what is happening in Sebring, Florida, and bird interrupts filming

"This town is awesome and we're doing great work here," Ben Napier said Instagram.

HGTV star Erin Napier tells people to 'be sweet' with their comments, not 'ugly'

Comments on Instagram "have been really not nice. Really rude, some of you guys," Erin Napier posted.

"Ya'll realize we design these houses for people who really live in them, and they really read your comments. You're not hurting my feelings at all. But you are being really ugly to the people who are living in that home. If you can't think of something nice to say about these people's homes ...

"Don't say anything at all," Ben Napier finished the sentence.

"You know better guys. Be sweet," Erin Napier said.

The saddest thing is that the people being mean are doing so intentionally, Ben Napier said.

"If you're one of those people, unfollow me now," Erin Napier said.

For those who left sweet comments, "Thank you and keep on being you."

Where is Sebring, Florida?

Located in Central Florida, Sebring is located on the shore of Lake Jackson about 70 miles south of Orlando and about 70 miles southeast of Tampa. It's about 100 miles northwest of West Palm Beach.

Who won the HGTV dream home in Florida?

That hasn't been announced yet.

Thethree-bedroom, four-bathroom homeonAnastasia Island is about 3,300 square feet, with views of the Matanzas River and the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Value of the totalAnastasia Island HGTV Dream Homepackage is estimated at just over $2.2 million.

Voting for thesweepstakesended Feb. 15. According toHGTV, the winner will be notified by April 30 and a winner's list will be published online by May 15.

HGTV's 'Hometown Takeover' filming in Florida. See what's happening in Sebring (2024)
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