Chapter 782 Golden Eye | (2024)

After finishing speaking, the two hung up the phone at the same time.

Ye Han raised his head to look at the gray sky, and a cruel smile slowly climbed onto his face; "Come on, or else it will be a waste of all my painstaking efforts."

After all, Ye Han came to the meeting hall of Yongyi Hall. At this moment, the top experts who belonged to Ye Han were all there. It will be a bitter battle to face, although they have already made preparations for this bitter battle.

Ye Han sat down in his seat and said, "Everyone, people from Northeast China, North China, and Yanjing have already dispatched experts to the Northwest. What we have to do now is to find out who these people are. We must keep track of their whereabouts on the route to the northwest."

Zhao Hengtian said; "Since the Northwest Wolves recognized Nalan Mietian as the master, Qiu Tiangang's prestige in the Northwest has become higher and higher, and now people in the four northwest provinces have joined Qiu Tiangang one after another. It can be said that except Qin Hai Province and the other four provinces are under the control of Qiu Tiangang, so as long as the people in the northwest enter the Northwest with help, Qiu Tiangang will definitely be able to keep track of their whereabouts at any time."

"Very good, this way, we can wait for the fish to enter the net by itself." Ye Han smiled faintly.

Right now, many people feel that a storm is coming. People in the north and the south are watching the northwest area more closely. The forces of Nalan Mietian Aiding Hand Northwest and Beiming Longbow Aiding Hand Northwest have not hidden their whereabouts. , went to the northwest from their respective sites in a fair and aboveboard manner. This scene made people know that this place in the northwest would be Ye Han's first full-scale collision with all forces after he went north. Can you continue to enjoy yourself in the Northwest?

The storm is coming, and people in the north and the south are looking forward to it! Even the madman in Shanhai City and Mr. Yan who had returned to Yanjing City were all paying attention to this matter, Ye Han went north, this was the first real test.

Under the watchful eyes of all parties, in just one day, the heavenly people and the dragon people among the eight tribes under Nalan Mietian had appeared in the northwest. Appeared in the Northwest with the Wolf King troops.

As for Bei Qiufeng in the northeast, although he is very secretive, Ye Han knows his whereabouts the most, and there is no need for people from the dark hall to investigate.

Experts from all sides entered the northwest land one after another. On this day, Xiao Jianli had already appeared in the lair of the Northwest wolf with the wolf king's troops.

"Haha, my nephew Jianli, Brother Beiming actually asked you to help me. I, the Northwest Wolf, am so grateful." Seeing Xiao Jianli approaching, even though he already knew that Beiming Longbow would help the Northwest Wolf in the northwest. There was also a look of ecstasy on his face, with the two big teams of the Heavenly Clan and the Dragon Clan among the Eight Clans, plus the Wolf King troop brought by Xiao Jianli, it would be much easier for him to deal with Ye Han.

It was said that Xiao Jianli secretly despised the Northwest Wolf. This guy still dared to call himself the Northwest Wolf. Now whoever thinks he is the Northwest Dog King, but even though he thought so, Xiao Jianli still laughed; "Uncle Zuo Jing is too polite. We are in the north, if one side is in trouble, we should support from all sides."

"Haha, my nephew is right. When this matter is over, I will go to North China to thank Brother Beiming in person. Please sit down." Northwest Wolf laughed and asked Xiao Jianli to sit down, but looked at the empty hall , Xiao Jianli frowned, and said, "Uncle Zuo Jing, I heard that the heavenly crowd and the dragon crowd are also here, don't tell me they haven't arrived yet?"

Hearing this, a gloomy look flashed across the Northwest Wolf's face, and as soon as he heard about someone related to Nalan Mietian, he couldn't stop the anger in his heart.

"Nephew, to tell you the truth, the gods and dragons have already appeared in the northwest. Although they didn't show up with me, they have already stated that as long as I do something to Ye Han, they will definitely show up."

Hearing this, Xiao Jianli frowned, but didn't say anything. In this kind of matter, Nalan Mietian should not be treacherous, but Xiao Jianli didn't think of another person, Nalan Mietian might not Will break faith, but Zhuge Prajna will, this whole thing is led by her, and intrigue is her forte.

At the same time, Bei Qiufeng also appeared in Gansu Province, in Qiu Tiangang's base camp.

"Hehe, fourth master, the autumn wind arrived as promised, did it not disappoint you?" Bei Qiufeng brought hundreds of masters to Qiu Tiangang's base camp. Seeing this, Qiu Tiangang sneered in his heart, but said with a smile on his face; " Brother Qiufeng is really a straightforward person. With these people you bring to join us, we have a good chance of winning against Ye Han. I just hope that Brother Qiufeng will abide by another agreement. I will help you deal with Ye Han. You have to help me deal with the Northwest Wolf, with Nalan Mietian behind him now, I can't deal with him alone."

Bei Qiufeng smiled and said, "Don't worry, fourth master, our Northeast Tigers have always been people who keep our promises. Since we have promised you, we will definitely do it, let alone destroying Ye Han. It's a big obstacle!"

Qiu Tiangang laughed and said, "That's natural. I, Qiu Tiangang, come back out of the rivers and lakes. Naturally, I want to be the overlord of the Northwest. Both the Northwest Wolf and Ye Han must be eliminated."

Bei Qiufeng smiled and said, "I like fourth master's frankness. Now that we are all here, we are waiting for that guy from the Northwest Wolf to attack Ye Han. When the time comes, all of us will be able to leave Ye Han completely behind." northwest."

Compared to Qiu Tiangang's insincere chat with Bei Qiufeng, Shaanxi Province, Ye Han and others frowned, because the people in the dark hall below lost the people who came to help the northwest and belonged to Nalan Mietian. After entering the northwest, it quickly disappeared without a trace.

"Is there any news from Qiu Tiangang?" Ye Han asked. The two masters, Tianzhong and Longzhong, disappeared, which surprised Ye Han. Could it be that Zhuge Prajna in Yanjing City has discovered his plan?

Hearing this, Zhao Hengtian said; "There is no news, it seems that they will be a variable in this battle."

"A variable?"

Ye Han smiled and said, "It seems that I am a little too confident, maybe Zhuge Prajna has discovered something, but since she will let the gods and dragons come to the northwest, it means that she hasn't fully understood it yet. It's just that she is cautious and doesn't like taking risks, otherwise, she would definitely give up the idea of ​​helping the Northwest."

Zhao Hengtian said; "At present, the two masters Tianzhong and Longzhong have disappeared since they entered the northwest. With their strength, they want to hide. I am afraid that the people under Antang and Qiu Tiangang will not be able to find out their identity. Location."

"It doesn't matter." Ye Han said; "Since Zhuge Banruo has already seen the clue, the presence or absence of these two people has no effect on our plan. If they appear, kill them, and if they don't appear, let them watch the show by the side." gone."

The Northeast Tiger, the Condor, and the Heroes' Association of Nalan Mietian, these three major powers have all appeared in the northwest. This seems to be a gathering of major forces in the Chinese underground world. Keep your eyes on the northwest area. This situation is like when Ye Han was besieged by the ancient martial arts world and the underground world in Shanhai City. The difference is that this time the lineup is not as strong as last time.

Chapter 782 Golden Eye | (2024)
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