Chapter 285 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)

She slammed the door shut and locked it.

Seeing that the quarrel was over, Mike immediately came out with Yin Yin.

"Hello! Fu..." Mike wanted to say a few words for Qin An'an.

Fu sh*ting glanced at him fiercely: "Shut up!"

Mike closed his mouth and watched him stride to Yinyin and take Yinyin away.

When I came out of the villa, it was raining lightly outside.

Fu sh*ting took off his jacket and put it on Yin Yin's head.

Entering the car, Yinyin hugged his jacket and looked at the villa outside the window with dark eyes.

Fu sh*ting fastened her seat belt and said hoarsely, "Yinyin, don't look at it."

"Brother, I'm sorry..." Yin Yin said, two lines of tears falling from his eyes.

"Yinyin, there is nothing wrong with you, you don't need to say sorry to anyone." Fu sh*ting raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corner of her eyes.

Yin Yin cried with a sad face: "Brother, it was me, I was afraid of surgery... So I ran away by myself... I begged Xiaohan to take me away... "

She didn't dare to say it just now, but now she finally mustered up the courage to restore the truth.

Qin An'an's cold eyes suddenly appeared in Fu sh*ting's mind.

Why doesn't she explain?

Could it make him angry, she can get pleasure?

"Brother, don't blame An An... An An is very good to me... I am sick and uncomfortable, she is the one who takes care of me..." Yin Yin choked up, thinking about it again in his mind The scene that night, "She gave me an injection... An An is amazing..."

Fu sh*ting wiped the tears from her face with a tissue, and his Adam's apple moved: "you asked Xiaohan to bring you to his house, and then you fell ill. Qin Anan treated you... After that? She sent you Did you go to the hospital?"

Yin Yin looked at him with tears in her eyes: "I don't remember... I just remember that An An was kind to me. She's not like this tonight... She's not a bad person..."

"She said you were a fool, aren't you angry?" Fu sh*ting's eyes were a little sour.

Even thinking about it now, my heart still hurts.

He knew that Qin Anan was not a bad person, but her words deeply hurt him.

Yinyin was not so seriously ill at first, and it was because he was violently beaten by his father in the later period that he became like this.

He can't allow anyone to bully Yin Yin again!

Yin Yin's eyes were red and he shook his head: "Isn't it because I'm a fool that you asked Dr. Shen to treat me?"

Fu sh*ting hugged her hard, as if he was stuck in his throat: "Yinyin, that's not the case! You are not a fool. I asked Dr. Shen to treat you so that you can feel the world better..."

"Because I'm a fool, I'm not smart. Brother, I'm a fool, An An is right, I'm not angry. Don't be angry, okay?"

Yin Yin tone, with pleading.

Fu sh*ting listened to his sister's soft and kind voice and broke his defense.

With one hand on the steering wheel, he tilted his head slightly out of the window, tears falling silently.

"There's nothing wrong with being a fool." Yinyin hugged his jacket, took a deep breath, and said to himself, "As long as my brother stays with me, I can always be a fool."

Fu sh*ting's lips moved, but in the end he didn't say anything.

He must cure his sister's illness.

She won't be a fool forever!

in the villa.

Qin Anan lay in pain in bed, feeling that there was no difference between living and dying.

She could obviously not be so aggressive, she could clearly explain things to him.

But she can't do it!

Because his aura is wrong!

From the moment he entered the door, he never looked at her, let alone listened to her explanation patiently.

He came here tonight to find fault!

This is her home, why should she be wronged?

She lifted the pillow and covered her face.


She shouldn't say Yin Yin is a fool.

What's the difference between what she said and Fu sh*ting questioning her deliberately abducting Yinyin?

How could she move her anger away because Fu sh*ting hurt her badly?

But it was all too late.

She heard the sound of the car starting the engine outside the window.

Chapter 285 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)
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