Australian Greyhound of the Year & GCA Award Winners (2024)

The Australian Greyhound of the Year was introduced in 2002 and is now recognised as the ultimate achievement in individual greyhound racing success.

The Australian Greyhound of the Year is selected by a media and administration panel from all over Australia. The Award was presented on special editions of the Sky Channel weekly greyhound programme, The Catching Pen, from 2002 to 2006. The 2006 Award (presented in 2007) was hosted at The Meadows by the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association and the 2007 Award (persented in 2008) was hosted at Sandown by the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club.

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association then determined that the Greyhound Of The Year Award was to become a premier presentation night and a focal point for recognition of excellence from a National perspective.

The 2008 Australian Greyhound of the Year was presented in April 2009 at a gala function at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney, NSW. The 2009 Australian Greyhound of the Year was hosted On March 12, 2010 by the Western Australian Greyhound Assocation (WAGRA) at Cannington and the 2010 Australian Greyhound of the Year will be hosted in 2011 by Greyhound Racing South Australia in Adelaide.
In 2012 the Greyhound of the Year was hosted by the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club.
In a change of direction in 2013 the Meadows hosted the last of the awards to held on a calendar year and again hosted the 2012-2013 Awards in August. In 2013-2014 the Awards were hosted at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle West Australia. In 2015-2016 the Awards Night held at theInterContinental Hotel in Adelaide South Australia. In 2016-2017 the Awards night moved to Park Royal Hotel on the banks of the Brisbane River in Queensland. With this year’s Awards night making it back to Melbourne to the Langham Hotel and hosted for the first time since 2007 by the Sandown Club. In 2018-2019 a change was made when NSW were unable to stage the Nationals Western Australia stepped forward a year and staged an outstanding event over three days in Perth. The inclusion for first time since one year in the 80’s of New Zealand made the event an international affair and the fore runner for years to come.

The inaugural Australian Greyhound of the Year wasBoomeroo. His success was followed byBombastic Shiraz2003,Whisky Assassin2004,Pure Octane2005, Betty’s Angel 2006,Flashing Floods2007,El Galoin 2008,Cindeen Shelby2009,El Grand Senor2010,Dyna Tron2011,Miata2012,Miata2012-2013,Xylia Allen2013-2014,Fernando Bale2014-2015,Dyna Double One2015-2016, Fanta Bale 2016-2017, Fanta Bale 2017-2018, Orson Allen 2018-2019, Simon Told Helen 2020 – 2021 Tommy Shelby, 2021 – 2022 She’s A Pearl, 2022 – 2023 Wow She’s Fast.

If you click on the links above it will give you a detailed description of the achievements of each winner in the particular year they won the award.


Greyhound of the Year

2002 – Boomeroo2013/14 – Xylia Allen
2003 – Bombastic Shiraz2014/15 – Fernando Bale
2004 – Whisky Assassin2015/16 – Dyna Double One
2005 – Pure Octane2016/17 – Fanta Bale
2006 – Betty’s Angel2017/18 – Fanta Bale
2007 – Flashing Floods2018/19 – Orson Allen
2008 – El Galo2019/20 – Simon Told Helen
2009 – Cindeen Shelby2020/21 – Tommy Shelby
2010 – El Grand Senor2021/22 – She’s A Pearl
2011 – Dyna Tron2022/23 – Wow She’s Fast
2012 – Miata2023/24 – ?
2012/13 – Miata

Trainer of the Year

2007 – Jason Thompson2015/16 – Anthony Azzopardi
2008 – Reg Kay2016/17 – Robert Britton
2009 – Graeme Bate2017/18 – Tony Brett
2010 – Darren McDonald2018/19 – Chris Halse
2011 – Graeme Bate2019/20 – Anthony Azzopardi
2012 – Jason Thompson2020/21 – Steve Withers
2013 – Graeme Bate2021/22 – David Geall
2013/14 – Darren McDonald2022/23 – Jeff Britton / Angela Langton
2014/15 – Andrea Dailly2023/24 – ?

Stud Dog of the Year

2007 – Token Prince & Brett Lee2015/16 – Kinloch Brae
2008 – Token Prince & Bombastic Shiraz2016/17 – Barcia Bale
2009 – Bombastic Shiraz2017/18 – Barcia Bale
2010 – Surf Lorian2018/19 – Fernando Bale
2011 – Collision2019/20 – Fernando Bale
2012 – Bombastic Shiraz2020/21 – Fernando Bale
2013 – Bombastic Shiraz2021/22 – Fernando Bale
2013/14 – Where’s Pedro2022/23 – Fernando Bale
2014/15 – Bekim Bale2023/24 –?

Brood Bitch of the Year

2007 – Floodfawn2015/16 – Chloe Allen
2008 – Chinatown Babe2016/17 – Ucme Typhoon
2009 – Thai Again2017/18 – Aston Elle
2010 – Rosemary Bale2018/19 – Chica Destacada
2011 – Abbadale Gold2019/20 – Ready Riot
2012 – Winsome Bluebird2020/21 – Serena Fly High
2013 – It’s A She2021/22 – Mepunga Rosie
2013/14 – Tayah Bale2022/23 – Victa Polly
2014/15 – Maple Bale2023/24 – ?

Run of the Year

2007 – Miss Grub2015/16 – Bourbski Fever
2008 – Chinatown Lad2016/17 – Burn One Down
2009 – Turanza Bale2017/18 – Rockoon
2010 – Satanic Cash2018/19 – Zipping Bailey
2011 – He Knows Uno2019/20 – Hooked On Scotch
2012 – Bizarre Barbie2020/21 – Stanley Road
2013 – Xylia Allen2021/22 – Extra Malt
2013/14 – Sweet It Is2022/23 – Kelsey Bale
2014/15 – Fernando Bale2023/24 – ?

Denise Fysh Award

In April 2019, the Australian greyhound industry lost a true icon with the passing of Denise Fysh after succumbing to cancer. Her passion and selfless devotion to the Hobart Club and to her home state Tasmania had a profound influence that will benefit generations to come.

2018-2019 Jade McKenzie (WA), 2019-2020 Frank and Tracey Hurst (NSW), 2020-2021 Ron Hawswell (VIC), 2021-2022 Stevie White (NSW). 2022 – 2023 Amanda Grice (TAS).

Hall of Fame Inductees in Categories

Greyhound Based on Racing Performance.

1999 Tenthill Doll, Flying Amy & Rapid Journey, 2000 Chief Havoc, Zoom Top, 2001 Macareena, Rookie Rebel, & Sandi’s Me Mum, 2002 Brett Lee & Bold Trease, 2003 National Lass & Winifred Bale, 2004 Lizrene, 2005 Bogie Leigh, 2006 Temlee & Black Top, 2007 Paua To Burn, 2016 Miata.

Male Greyhound Based on Breeding Performance.

2008 Temlee, 2009 Black Top, 2013 Byamee (Coursing) & Brother Fox, 2014 Tell You Why, 2016 Tumble Bug,2019 Keen Jet, 2022 Barcia Bale.

Female Greyhound Based on Breeding Performance.

2008 Osti Too, 2009 Wee Sal, 2018 Francis Colleen, 2021 Strand Belle.


2007 Sam Bladon, 2008 Ray Herbert & Jim Coleman, 2009 Ned Bryant & Stan Cleverley, 2010 Vivian James Beresford & Doug Payne, 2011 Paul Cauchi & Tony Zammit.


2008 Rod Deakin & Allen Wheeler, 2016 Paul Wheeler, 2022 Martin Hallinan.


2008 Arthur Morgan, Roy Maidment & Howard Ashton, 2009 J.G. (Jack) Nelson, Vic Peters & Henry Harrison, 2010 Brian Johnstone & Noel Banks, 2011 Albert Bunny Hewton & Ken Carr, 2013 Ray Foley, 2018 Ron Nestor, 2023 Neil Brown, 2023 Geoff “Smokey” Dawson, 2023 Eddie Caruana.


2008 Bill Pearson & Paul Ambrosoli, 2009 Dr Jim Gannon & Frank Kennedy 2011 Dr John Murray, 2015 George Schofield, 2013 Ray Foley, 2018 Ron Nestor, 2021 Jeff Collerson.

Australian Greyhound of the Year & GCA Award Winners (2024)


Who is the best Australian greyhound of all time? ›

Notable Australian greyhounds
  • Brett Lee (whelped January 1999, raced 2000–2001)
  • Chief Havoc (whelped September 1944, raced 1946–1948)
  • Fanta Bale (whelped August 2014, raced 2016–2018)
  • Fernando Bale (whelped December 2013, raced 2015)
  • Zoom Top (whelped August 1966, raced 1967–1969)

Who is the best greyhound in the world? ›

Trained by George Curtis, Ballyregan Bob clinched an extraordinary 32 consecutive wins – a record that stood unbroken for several years.

Who is the best racing dog of all time? ›

Ballyregan Bob, trained throughout his career by George Curtis at Hove, won a staggering 42 races from 48 starts.

What states in Australia have banned greyhound racing? ›

Only the ACT has successfully banned greyhound racing, as of April 30 2018. Compared to other states, the ACT greyhound racing industry was a soft target for reform, due to is size. In 2017, only 70 Canberra residents were actively participating in greyhound racing (owners, breeders and trainers).

Who is the number one greyhound in Australia? ›

Australia's Top Prizemoney Earners
RankingGreyhoundRace Record
1Wow She's Fast35:20-3-0
2She's A Pearl64:40-10-3
3Jay Is Jay43:22-7-3
4Fanta Bale63:42-9-5
67 more rows

What is the most expensive greyhound? ›

The record for the most expensive greyhound track sale purchase in the UK was broken at Oxford Stadium on Tuesday when Drumcrow Mini sold for £16,300 at auction.

What number wins most in greyhounds? ›

Statistics in Greyhound Trifecta Betting
Dog's NameWinning PercentagePlace Percentage
Dog 160% – Good75% – Very Good
Dog 230% – Fair45% – Fair
Dog 350% – Average60% – Good

What greyhound has won the most money? ›

Greyhound racing's top 10 earners
  • She's A Pearl $1,367,970 *
  • Fanta Bale $1,365,175.
  • Good Odds Harada $1,336,625.
  • Fernando Bale $1,299,370.
  • Wow She's Fast $1,172,870 *
  • Dyna Double One $1,160,316.
  • McInerney $1,122,270 *
  • Mystic Riot $1,056,964.
Nov 2, 2022

What is the number 1 ranked dog? ›

French Bulldog

What is the most powerful dog of all time? ›

The choice is yours!
  • German Shepherd. German Shepherds are not only strong in body, but in mind as well, which puts them at the top of the list in strength. ...
  • Siberian Husky. If you love the snow and cold, this is the pup for you. ...
  • American Pit Bull. ...
  • Dogo Argentino. ...
  • Rottweiler. ...
  • Alaskan Malamute. ...
  • Carpathian Shepherd. ...
  • Saint Bernard.

What is the most ruthless dog? ›

Top 5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds
  1. Pit Bull. The American pit bull terrier is perhaps the most notorious of all dog breeds. ...
  2. Rottweiler. If pit bulls are the most dangerous dog breed, then Rottweiler's are certainly in second place. ...
  3. German Shepherd. ...
  4. Bullmastiff. ...
  5. Doberman Pinschers.

What happens to greyhounds after racing Australia? ›

Whilst a greyhound's natural lifespan would be 12 to 14 years, many dogs have their lives cut short once they can no longer turn a profit for their owners. Some ex-racers go into breeding programs, but even they may be killed at only five or six years old.

Why did they stop racing greyhounds? ›

Beginning in roughly 1990, and continuing over the next three decades, the vast majority of greyhound tracks have closed due to declining betting revenue, encroachment by Native American gaming and commercial casino gambling into states with greyhound racing, the legalization of sports betting and concerns over the ...

Is greyhound racing cruel in Australia? ›

In addition to these shocking revelations, greyhounds used for racing are also at risk of suffering inadequate housing, lack of socialisation and enrichment, injury or death, and being drugged with banned or unregistered substances.

Who won the million dollar greyhound? ›

Jay Is Jay's victory represents a classic “family affair” situation as the dog is owned by Selena Zammit's mother, Lillian Jones, and was named after her late husband, Selena's father Jeff Jones. Lillian Jones owns Kealoah, the dam of Jay Is Jay and the final greyhound her husband had trained.

What greyhound trap wins most? ›

Greyhound Trap Win Percentage: A Statistical Analysis

Although the difference in win percentage between traps one to four may seem quite close, the age-old saying that “every little helps” comes to mind. The extra 2% edge of trap three over the nearest competitor makes it the most successful trap overall.

Which greyhound box wins most? ›

The result of races confirm this. Box 1 invariably produces more wins than any other box.

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