Adorable Baby: the Miracle Doctor is So Awesome ABMDSA Chapter 27: :What kind of angel fish is this? (2024)

Xi Gong opened his eyes and saw a plate of food in front of him. Red Snake was stunned for a moment. This... was prepared for him by that woman? It seems that she is not so hopeless.

“By the way, my name is Yi Chang, you can call me from now on—”

"Xiao Chang, right? My name is Shen Yizhi, you can call me whatever you want."

 Yichang: Don’t let him be called Xiaochang! It sounds like a little pet. I think back then, he was called Mr. Yi! Later, he was even revered as the Immortal of Nine Flowers. He was praised wherever he went, but now he has been reduced to "Xiao Chang"...

 Forget it, if I talk too much, I will shed tears. Xiaochang will be Xiaochang.

 After dinner, Shen Yizhi coaxed Qing Bao to take a nap.

Looking at his chubby little face, she felt quite relieved that her three to five meals a day feedings these days were not in vain.

But she always felt that it was not enough.

She felt heartbroken when she thought of the memory of the original owner, when Qing Bao had no milk to eat and was so hungry that he cried loudly.

By the way, she can also raise a dairy goat in the space and milk him every day to make up for the fact that he didn't drink enough milk when he was a baby.

She will do it after she goes out this time.

 Leaning over and kissing him on the forehead, Shen Yizhi glanced at Red Snake, gave a few instructions, and stepped out of the space.

As soon as she came out, a palpitating feeling of weightlessness gripped her.

Shen Yizhi resisted the urge to enter the space and allowed himself to fall freely.

 After falling for more than ten seconds, it has not yet reached the bottom.

Perhaps relying on the backing of space, Shen Yizhi was not that scared, but actually felt a bit of a sense of free fall.

She stretched out her arms and imagined that she was a big bird, flying through the clouds and mist, with the cold mountain wind blowing across her face, all of which brought her extraordinary enjoyment.

When the ground appeared in sight, Shen Yizhi entered the space.

Due to the inertia of her fall, she sat down on the ground as soon as she entered. Her head was dizzy for a while before her vision became clear.

 Going to the small bed, she took a few sips on Qing Bao's face. She felt resurrected with full blood and came out of space again.

This time, she didn’t enter the space until the second before she hit the ground.

The thrill of it made her adrenaline surge, and she even had the urge to try it a few more times.

 At her core, she is not someone who is content with the status quo and likes challenges.

As she fell, she used her bird's-eye view to observe the bottom of the cliff.

 It is very desolate down there, with basically no greenery, except for a pool of water, and nothing else.

The pool of water is very strange, like a naturally formed Tai Chi diagram. The black and white yin and yang fish divide the pool into two parts, with clear distinction between Jing and Wei.

Shen Yizhi ate something to replenish energy, drank a large glass of spiritual spring water, and walked out of the space with a medicinal hoe.

 It is surrounded by towering cliffs on all sides. When viewed from a high altitude, the bottom looks like a "kou"-shaped cage.

 This feeling is even more obvious when you are in it.

She took the medicine **** and observed it. She couldn't help but feel a little panicked. There was not even a way out here. Only ants can probably crawl through the gaps between the cliffs.

 Finally, she cast her sights on the Tai Chi Pool—

 Let’s call it that.

Perhaps, the pool of water was connected to other waters, and she might have to leave from the bottom of the pool in the end.

She got closer and found a plant growing in the center of the pond. It looked like a lotus, but its petals were half black and half white, as were the lotus pods inside.

Although half of the water in the pool was black, it was very clear. She could clearly see the fish swimming in it.

Those fish were as long as fingers, as white as snow, and were extremely fast, darting from one end to the other in a flash.

 When she saw these fish, her first thought was, can they be eaten?

 Get some and try them out.

But it’s not easy to catch such a small fish.

 There is it!

Shen Yizhi took out a bamboo cage with a narrow mouth and a big belly from the space, soaked the rice grains in the spiritual spring for a while, sprinkled them into the bamboo cage, and slowly sank the bamboo cage into the pond.

 The cage mouth is only slightly lower than the water surface, making it easier for her to lift it up quickly without giving the fish a chance to escape.

As expected, those fish could not resist the temptation of the spiritual spring, and swam over one after another and got into the bamboo cage.

Seeing that there were enough fish in, Shen Yizhi suddenly raised his head and saw that half of the fish were netted in the bamboo cage. It was a full harvest!

 She entered the space carrying the bamboo cage.

Unknown to him, shortly after she disappeared, a pair of huge ice-blue eyes appeared, and then disappeared again.

In the space, Shen Yizhi threw a small whitebait to Yi Chang, "Try it and see if it's poisonous."

 What do you think I am! Are you testing the poison?

 And you asked me to test the poison, so why use the lost one? How disrespectful!

 He wants to take back his previous words!

Yichang had the guts to refuse, but when he saw the little silver fish, a trace of surprise flashed in his snake eyes.

If he admits correctly, this kind of fish is a snow fish that can only be born from extreme environments like Yin Yang Lake. Eating it can purify the spiritual energy in the body.

Yin Yang Pond was difficult to find even in his original world, but he didn't expect it to appear in this wild place. However, Yin Yang Pond itself only contains Yin and Yang Qi, and it has little to do with the amount of spiritual energy.

Looking at the snow fish on the plate, Yi Chang naturally would not refuse and opened his mouth to swallow the whole fish.

Shen Yizhi watched him eating from the side and couldn't help but feel a sense of nausea and horror.

After eating, Yi Chang told her: "This fish is not poisonous. Not only is it not poisonous, but it is also a rare spiritual material. Eating it can purify the spiritual energy in the body. You can get more."

Shen Yizhi showed him the cage of fish and said, "Do you even need to tell me?"

 Yichang was suddenly speechless.

Shen Yizhi started to deal with the cage of fish. She planned to fry half of it. This kind of fish has fewer bones and is crispy after frying. You can eat it head and tail.

 The other half is used to make soup.

Qing Bao woke up from the fragrance, rubbed his eyes and got up, lying on the railing of the small bed and looking at her, "Mother!"

"Is the baby awake?" Shen Yizhi hurriedly dropped what he was doing, wiped his hands and walked over, picked him up and kissed him, "Do you want to pee?"



Shen Yizhi carried him to the corner of the space, where she used a curtain to separate a toilet area specifically for solving major life issues.

The space has a purification function, and the dirt that falls on the ground will be quickly absorbed and decomposed by the soil, which saves her a lot of trouble.

 After shushing Qing Bao, Shen Yizhi led him out, asked him to sit on a chair, and brought him a plate of chicken cakes and a glass of homemade juice for him to drink.

 Go back and continue frying the small whitebait.

Qing Bao was still thinking about Red Snake, so he searched around with a small plate. When he found it, he squatted down in front of him, grabbed a ball of chicken cake and fed it to him.

Yi Chang: Little brat, sir, I won’t eat the food that comes here!

However, in the next second, he crawled over honestly and rolled the pastry into his mouth.

Hmm, it smells so good!

Shen Yizhi fried a pot of small whitebait, put it into a small basket as big as a plate, and took one to taste -

 Hmm, what kind of angel fish is this? It’s so delicious!

 “Baby, come and try the little fried fish made by mother—”

 When he turned around, Qing Bao was nowhere to be seen.

Adorable Baby: the Miracle Doctor is So Awesome ABMDSA Chapter 27: :What kind of angel fish is this? (2024)
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